Randy Scholl Stamp Company

The Scholl name has been connected to stamp dealing since the 1940s. Today, we are still full-time stamp dealers and located in the Cincinnati suburb of Anderson Township. Our stamp selling is primarily via the internet and our website. Please contact us if you want to sell your stamps as we are always looking to buy quality stamp collections.

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We can visit or come to us. We will buy!

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Selling a stamp collection should be a rewarding experience. We are serious appraisers and cash buyers. We can travel to view appropriate holdings. If you have a collection in the $5,000-$100,000+ range (net cash value, not catalog value) we will try to arrange a personal visit. Stamp collections less than $5,000 are also needed and these we try to combine with other leads or trips due to the expense and time of travel. We also encourage people to bring the material to our comfortable office as a way to expedite the sale. In either case, contact us to discuss your collection and options.

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Stamps for Sale

Our website has a full-featured, searchable database of stamps and collections for sale, along with a shopping cart and secure payment system. Our catalogs are divided into four categories:

Click any of the links above to begin searching for items you are interested in. Be sure to also read our Terms, Ordering & Shipping Info page before purchasing.

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Please visit www.randyschollstamps.com to view my online inventory.